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Drinks and Digital: Grand Rapids
4-26-18 6:00 pm - DVS
Drinks and Digital: West Michigan

WHAT WE'RE ABOUT: Connections over a few beers are our favorite. Social media managers, email marketers, bloggers, content creators, photographers – really, anyone interested in digital marketing and having a chat are always welcome at this...

Riverside Park Walk
4-26-18 6:00 pm - DVS
Great Lakes Hiking, Biking, & Kayaking Group

Meet at the SOUTH end of Riverside Park near the parking lot. We'll walk down to the north end and back for a short evening hike. We'll start our walk by 6:05p.m. This should be about a 3 1/2 mile walk on a flat paved surface. Once I get to the...

Metadata: You Are What You Tag
4-26-18 6:00 pm - DVS
West Michigan Content Strategy Meetup

Whether we know it or not, we use metadata every day. Metadata is information we create, store, and share to describe things, places, and media. When we are searching a news website, visiting a history museum, or browsing the shelves at the...

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